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The biggest ecosystem in the world is building up.


The first cryptocurrency we can use for everyday life. The Royal Birth of People’s Coin.

People’s Coin (PCN) is the native currency for People’s Decentralized Financial Network  (PDFN), a people driven ecosystem which is powered by a utility token to aid initialization of ecosystem projects. Holding PCN today gives you a featured spending guarantee with its ability to hold and trade as a dedicated team of diverse expertise rolls out people oriented projects geared towards our everyday life and style ranging from Sports, Customer Rewards System, Manufacturing Industry, Health Insurance and Records, Supply Chain Management, Pharmaceutical Services just to mention a few with the intended application of Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence  (AI) and Edge Computing  (EC) while promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.


After 2 years of complementary research and development into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the team behind this project have careful carved out distinctive services underlying personal and business utility of Blockchain Technology, thereby building up strategic systems to implement the outrageous findings of the research, giving it it’s depending relevance into the cryptocurrency world by implementing every recommendations from the research.

Hence, the ecosystem will be rich of products and services you cannot do without plus value added upon each “product” to enable it tradeable while creating room for exchanges and enabling staking rewards at same time allowing holders and investors achieve a high Return on Investment (RoI).

A peep into the ecosystem are products and services covering;


Application in the health sector to provide paid medical care to members and provides service in health records history management and pharmaceutical administration.

Education & digital library

Part of our ecosystem is to create support for education in fees and scholarship while enhancing authors with an eLibrary service for book rental and sales.

Supply & Distribution

With an easy to implement tokenize service that controls production down to consumer, the supply chain industries of any size can benefit and reward there downlines.

Banking & Finance

We support financial sector with emphases for startups who cannot afford expert service by providing a tokenize banking system to power their firms.


This will start like a KYC service but the plan is to deploy a security system for policing and tracking down criminal with the implementation of block chain technology, AI and IoT.

Social & Gaming (nft)

Artisans are highly considered by the project as we deploy a service to enable them sell talent exhibition products and earn in PCN.

AMM Dex platform

People’s Coin Decentralized Exchange with Automated Market Maker will help members earn and gain interest.

DeFi Wallet

As part of the ecosystem, we plan to deploy a multi currency crypto wallet with military proof security to enable member hold, stake ad trade with ease.

Yield Farming

Staking to improve the health of the community ecosystem, we present the world class decentralized yield farming project to incentivise our community.

Self Blockchain

At the bottom line of the project lies the deployment of a proof of stake protocol blockchain that rewards the people’s community.

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pcn tokenomics

People’s Project

Blockchain: Smart Chain

Name: Peoples Coin

Address: 0x2eb0aadfbcee1b2630bde465c04cf1cc6705f4b0

Ticker: PCN

Decimal: 18

Total Supply: 570,000,000

Seed Phase: 2%

Private Sales: 9%

Public Sales: 15%

Team: 15%

Development: 15%


1st- 17TH september, 2021
  • Launch BETA website
  • Social Media Channels
  • Token Deployment
  • Launch Lite Paper
18TH – 30TH OCTOBER, 2021
  • Launch Final Website
  • Start of Presales
  • Launch Lite Paper V2.0
1st – 14th november, 2021
private sales round 2
  • Influencer
  • Launch Web Wallet
  • Launch Private Sales Phase 2
1st – 31st december, 2021
launch public sales
  • Public Sales Phase 1
  • Launch Legal Entity
  • Web Wallet Phase 2
1st – 31st january, 2022
public sales phase 2
  • Crypto COnference
  • Public Sales Phase 2
  • Launch White Paper
1st – 20th february, 2022
  • Liquidity on PancakeSwap
  • Launch Ecosystem V 1.0
  • Web Wallet Withdrawal Testing
  • Listing on p2pb2b.io

Why Join People’s 

People’s Decentralized Financial Network has a community of over 400 developers across the world developing various online and offline services to profit you, your business, health, education, religion, etc. These services cut across web service, desktop/laptop software, mobile apps, etc to bring you services you can only get access through the People’s Coin ecosystem as the services will never be replicated outside the ecosystem so we encourage everyone to hold People’s Coin and let face the future.

PCN is a revolutionize Blockchain Technology which is been integrated into our day-to-day activities ranging from waking up, to your daily exercise, breakfast, business activities, religious activities, family, education and so on.

This is the big thing you have been waiting so join the presale and let’s kick off.

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