Why Join People’s Decentralize Financial Network.

At PDFN, we tour a different application of Blockchain Technology were no one want to explore and we are happy we did. People’s Decentralized Financial Network is a cryptocurrency Ecosystem of various day-to-day services ranging from business to person, from education to health, agriculture, manufacturing, construction and so on.

With People’s Coin (PCN), our focus is not on the holding of the currency but creating products and services were you spend your money on. This is the best way to add value t you money.

The entire world is looking to solving this usability and adoption issue and with PN, we provide the answer to the world problem of adoption of cryptocurrency as a legal tender.

Why Hold PCN Now?

Fine, the PCN you hold today defined your future because this is the only currency that will be used on the ecosystem were you will have all the services you might need to subscribe to for your day-to-day activities. Industry Experts who interviewed us about our prospects gave a prediction of $500/PCN within 6 month and its the only currency to compete with the fiat.

The Vision

We see a cryptocurrency away from the norms, a coin powered by the people, of the people and for the people use in their day to day activities. A coin with practical application which is decentralized and trustless, giving you a DeFi Wallet with military grade security.

The future and adoption of Blockchain Technology lies on People’s Coin.


We are dedicated to our vision and to accomplish it we have set the following objective to guide the entire vision for the people.

1. To build a living cryptocurrency for the people.

2. To deliver secure financial services to the people.

3. Support the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

4. To give people freedom from the centralized financial system.

5. To ensure people are formulated, embraced and empowered for the next financial system of the world.

6. We want to deliver systems to every aspect of human engagement.

Peoples Decentralized Financial Network